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    O'Briain Pianos is a small piano sales, tuning, repair, restoration, rebuilding, reconditioning and transport service for customers in Ireland and the UK.

    We specialize in preserving rare and unique German upright and grand pianos, doing our utmost to revive the original look, sound, feel and character of each piano coming into our care. 

    O'Briain Pianos offer a 25% discount for Special Needs customers, the elderly, Primary and Secondary schools, and Irish care institutions, so that children and adults can benefit from Music Therapy. Previously, Music Therapy has been used to support emotional, cognitive and social development in many populations. It promotes wellness by managing stress, enhancing memory and improving communication skills.

    Viewings are by appointment only.


    Cathal O'Briain: 087 149 7607

    General Enquiries by E-Mail: obriainpianos@gmail.com

    Website: O'Briain Pianos

  • Current Stock - Available to View in Fermata Piano Showroom:

  • Restrung & New Tuning Pins Fitted (November, 2016) 
    Regulated, Tuned, Serviced, Keys Sanded & Buffed (November, 2016) 
    Casing Refinished in Black Polyester (November, 2016) 
    Brass Trimmings Refinished, Regulation & 3 Tunings (November 2017)

    This beautiful black Polyester Steinway & Sons was originally a self-playing piano when built in 1911. The player mechanism was professionally removed, tuning pins and strings replaced, and original action parts were completely refurbished, regulated and serviced. The casing was stripped and refinished to the highest of standards, so that it looks like brand new, with refinished brass trimmings, pedals, and original ivory keys. The flush, white ivory keys are indicative of being kept in a steady, caring climate all its life. the feel nice to play, with grip for good playing control. This Steinway has a responsive touch and full rounded pure tone, with a potent rich bass register and lyrical mid and high range. Even depth of tone throughout and large full sound due to the extra big soundboard and strings. Tuned to Concert Pitch. A stunning piano by the most regarded maker of all time.

    Ideal for all levels of player, from beginner to advanced. 

    Comes with new adjustable matching stool, free delivery, and is tuned on arrival

    Price: €9900

    Special Discounts For Fermata School of Music Customers !

  • 6ft 3 inch, 1888 Rebuilt, Restrung & Reconditioned Ernst Munck German Period Piano

    A beautiful and rare boudoir grand with Satin black fish tail cabinet, ornate music stand and turned legs, original ivory keys and rich pure tone. A nice instrument to play with a light to medium responsive touch and stable in Concert Pitch. Previously rebuilt with full string and pin replacement. 

    The original soundboard and crown are perfectly in tact, as are the bridges and wrest plank. The tone is rich, pure and even and the keys are nicely weighted. The casing was stripped to bare wood and refinished in Satin black. Renewed brass trimmings, pedals and castor wheels. Ideal for all grades and suitable for adult or child. 

    A stunning piece by one of Germany's most regarded piano builders. Very rare with only a handful in existence today. 

    Comes with Matching Stool with Storage, Free Delivery, Five Year Warranty and Tuned on Arrival

    Price: €2,900  SOLD

    Special Discounts For Fermata School of Music Customers !

  • A perfect sounding, high quality Japan built Yamaha E108 with superb responsive touch and resonant depth of tone throughout. The ultimate in playing experience, versatile and dynamic, built for the beginner or well seasoned professional. Ideal for studio recordings and with significant presence for its compact size. Yamahas built in Japan are the very best and most highly regarded, due to the quality craftsmanship and superior choice of internal components. They are simply bullet proof, rich sounding, and feel great to play, bringing out the very best in the player with ease. Internally and mechanically there is no wear on this reconditioned instrument, and it feels, looks and plays like brand new. Beautifully built, compact in size, pure sounding, and ideal for all levels of player, from beginner to advanced. Highly recommended!

    Width: 148cm
    Depth: 56cm
    Height: 108cm

    Comes with five year warranty, free delivery, new adjustable stool, and is tuned on arrival

    Price: €2,700

    Special Discounts For Fermata School of Music Customers !


  • 6'4" Rebuilt German Schiedmayer Grand Piano

    A beautiful instrument that is completely rebuilt to the highest of standards using fine German materials. The piano looks and plays like new and is previously rebuilt with new strings, pins and pinblock, re-guilded iron frame with new felts and bushings, renewed brass trimmings, refinished brass castor wheels for ease of movement, replaced hammer heads, new action and keybed felts, large decorative music stand and ornate pedal section, large turned sturdy legs, quality shimmed soundboard and polished Rosewood case. 

    The action is responsive, with a perfectly balanced touch and even pure tone. The soundboard is big and projects clear volume and presence as required. Sound quality is superb, resonant and full throughout, potent and velvety in the bass, and strong to the last note. The mid and high range are clear, with lyricism and character, very pure sounding, mellow, smooth and even.  The instrument would suit any level of player and is stable in Concert Pitch or above. With the amount of work completed on this top make of instrument, it will see it new owner through a lifetime of play and become the loved family heirloom. It's one of the finest German instruments we have ever worked on and is truly a great piano, by a great German manufacturer. 

     Price: €9,900

    Special Discounts For Fermata School of Music Customers !

  • The New Hailun Crescendo HU121C Acoustic Piano

    The Hailun HU121C is an instrument of the highest quality and has a superb rich tone and stunning contemporary aesthetics. The high sheen grained Walnut polyester casing is beautiful and distinctively different in shape than other modern uprights, with shapely curves and glowing brassworks that make it stand out from the crowd. 

    The protective brass plate surrounding the pedals is a nice feature and the slow fall lid system means the lid closes slowly by itself, thus protecting the player fingers and piano from impact damage. The practice pedal which is used for quiet play means you can play at any time of the day or night without disturbing your family or neighbours. 

    For half the price of a Yamaha or Kawai, you still get the same level of quality and performance which is on par with the very best makers in the industry. Our low price includes delivery, tuning on arrival, five year warranty and new adjustable matching German stool. 

    This instrument will easily guide any musician through their grades and beyond and is built to last a lifetime.


    Price: €3,900 SOLD

    Special Discounts For Fermata School of Music Customers !

  • A beautiful looking and sounding Bluthner of the highest hand built quality, with rich velvety tone and light to medium responsive touch. A great instrument to play and in perfect working order, as it has been recently overhauled and tuned to Concert Pitch. Every original part is fully intact, regulated, and reconditioned where necessary. 

    The tone is full and rounded, with a potent bass register and clean thin treble. Perfect original ivory keys, soundboard, bridges and frame. A true family heirloom by one of the greatest piano makers of all time. 

    Ideal for all levels of player, from beginner to advanced

    Comes with new adjustable stool, free delivery, five year warranty, and is tuned on arrival


    Price: €5,900

    Special Discounts For Fermata School of Music Customers !

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