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  • Internal Rules in Fermata School of Music - Lucan, Co. Dublin


    1.1 These set of rules are applicable to all students taking part in any course being provided by Patrycja Mikiciuk T/A Fermata School of Music with registered address in Unit 14, Millbank Business Park, Lucan, Co Dublin and Revenue Registration No.: 3606733A

    1.2 Not following any of listed below rules might result in further actions taken by Fermata School of Music against student or applicant. That will include legal and financial claims.

    1.3 For yours and your children safety, please make sure to pick him/her up promptly after lesson/class time. Children are under supervision of Fermata School of Music Lucan during the time of the class only.

    1.4 Neither teachers nor administrators are responsible for supervising of children outside of teaching time or during the seasonal concerts, events or waiting times.

    1.5 Fermata School of Music is not liable for any injures or personal damages occurred outside of teaching hours in the building curtailment or in the area outside the building.

    1.6 Due to bike/car/truck traffic in the area of Millbank Business Park children MUST always stay under constant supervision of their parents or guardians.

    1.7 Do not allow your children to climb on any signs or electrical cabinets as these are live and posses danger to your children health/life.

    1.8 During wet weather/winter time it is recommended to pay special attention when moving across the interiors of Fermata School of Music. Management suggest to have spear pair of shoes to use exclusively for moving inside the building during such conditions.

    1.9 Junior students (under age of 10) are not permitted to leave the school without parent/guardian or without informing leading teacher or member of staff.

    1.10 In case where customer wishes to serve a formal complaint against Fermata School of Music we advise to contact school’s manager to ask fort complaint form and query current process of complaint. Initial contact with customer is made within 3 working days and we aim to resolve every complaint in 10 business days.

    1.11 Any financial and legal claims against Fermata School of Music will be reviewed by representing solicitor and management team on case by case basis and we reserve to respond to any claim within 30 days since the date of receipt.


    2.1 Enrolment for individual or group classes can be done by completing website enrolment form at or by contacting Fermata School of Music office directly.

    2.2 To have guaranteed place in oncoming term we suggest to pay security deposit  along with the application. 

    2.3 Current standard security deposit to secure place in Fermata School of Music is €75 per course/person attending - security deposit has to be paid by 20th of June 2018 in order to reserve space for September 2018 or by 20th of December 2018 to secure place in February 2019. The deposit is deducted from overall course at time of issuing the invoice from the term course in enrolment form.

    2.4 Enrolments for each following semester (new students only) are availanle during duration of the whole term

    2.5 Existing students that wish to continue with Fermata School of Music  into next term should make verbal/in writing  statement to the leading teacher/school manager, so a note can be made to expand the contract with Fermata School of Music for another term and to ensure correct invoice will be issued. In case where no statement will be made until 15th of January 2018 we reserve the right to offer the place to student from waiting list.

    2.6 Fermata School of Music politely suggests to enroll as soon as possible as amount of candidates might be larger than spaces at each instrumental course available. Specific teachers might be only available on selected days of the week – please check carefully on our website. 

    2.7 Our capacity is limited and we will accommodate all applicants on first-come first-served basis with priority given to all customers that decide to pay security deposit.

    2.8 Students enrolling for group lessons are responsible for forming their own groups. Booking for certain group lessons will not be deemed confirmed until enrolment forms and tuition fees/security deposits are received from all group members. Please note that places in group courses are available on a first-come, first-served basis, based on date of enrolment.

    2.9 For violin, viola, vocal, saxophone and flute students approaching RIAM/ABRSM exam above Elementary Grade and/or after one term of education in Fermata School of Music, there is an internal requirement for compulsory accompaniment class. A minimal amount of accompaniment classes per semester is 4 and overall fee for this course in 2016/2017 is €120.

    2.10 Every student that would attempt for RIAM examination above GRADE 2 should attend at least one 45 minutes individual class every week. School’s recommendation fro that level is to have two 30 minutes classes every week to maintain appropriate learning progression.


    3.1 All invoices will be delivered as a soft version over the e-mail.

    3.2 All invoices will have security deposits deducted (where applicable) from the total fee and reminder balance will be equally distributed over 2 payments (One in September 2018, One in November 2018). All discounts (where applicable) will be included on the Invoice.

    3.3 Fermata School Of Music, Lucan, Co. Dublin offers following methods of payment: bank transfer to school’s account,  by cheque, Debit/Credit Card Terminal (subject to 1.95% handling fee, only during school office hours)

    3.4 Fermata School of Music offer following ways of paying for courses: Full Payment Up Front, 2 Instalments

    3.5 Academic year 2017/2018 consist two terms of 17 lessons each. Classes are conducted between 10th September 2018 and 22nd of June 2018

    3.6 Term I can be paid in full until 17th of September 2018,  or in two instalments where the second payment have to reach school’s bank account by 17th of November 2018

    3.7 Term II can be paid in full until 12th of February 2019, or in two instalments where the second payment have to reach school’s bank account by 12th of April 2019. 

    3.8 Any student enrolling  after September/February will have to discuss suitable payment method for the course. There are no further discounts in such cases. 

    3.9 In certain circumstances there is possibility to negotiate terms of payments but in such condition school manager must be contacted and he has the final call to accept/reject the proposal. Each request will be made on the individual basis.

    3.10 Each of the applications is a subject to one-off handling fee of €20 per Term to cover teaching materials, photocopying, etc. Please note we only charge the fee once no matter how many courses or people from same family attend.

    3.11 For those students paying by bank transfer please ensure to add INVOICE NO/NAME OF THE STUDENT into bank transfer title – this will guarantee that payment will be assigned on time and to correct account.

    3.12 In case where cheque is being issued please ensure to sign it for FERMATA MUSIC SCHOOL

    3.13 For security reasons Fermata School of Music is unable to accept CASH payments.


    4.1 Each calendar year Fermata School Of Music, Lucan, Co. Dublin assisting number of  students with a chance to attempt a Royal Irish Academy of Music or ABRSM exams in order to gain recognized certification of instrumental knowledge. The usual date for examination session in the school is month December.

    4.2 Should you wish for your child to take a part in any of the exam sessions please note the dates of each of the session are outlined in school’s  Year Calendar and cannot be changed.

    4.3 Fermata School of Music leading teacher reserves the right to pick the Grade appropriate for each student and our decision is final. We allow students to skip grades where appropriate. Please note that exams are only part of music education and other activities are performed during term. In case of student’s absence on the day of the exam, only medical certification is accepted and as such date of exam can be re-scheduled.

    4.4 If at any point you disagree with the school’s decision about examination grade picked by the school please report this to the leading teacher/school’s manager immediately. If we won’t receive any notification from you we take the Grade is correct and you agree with our decision.

    4.5 Fermata School of Music will aim that every student approaching the exam has knowledge and skills to achieve highest possible marks, however we take no responsibility for the final marks of the exam due to 3rd party circumstances affecting participant, such as stress, examination pressure, etc.

    4.6 Every student approaching RIAM examination level will have to attend a number of Music Theory Classes and will need to pass Internal Theory Exam appropriate to the level of exam approached in RIAM. Internal Music Theory exam might be conducted as part on individual lesson but is not longer than 10 minutes.

    4.7 Each student has to meet following criteria to be admitted to the exam:

    • Pay an examination fee (exact exams fees are set by  RIAM) – most recent price list is available on our website.
    • Pay for the accompanist hat is required for string, wind or vocal exams – in certain circumstances students attending accompaniment course may have examination element covered but that will be announced by school every term.
    • Complete a certain amount of accompaniment classes (applies to string, brass and vocal students). The minimum amount of accompaniment classes is 5 per semester.
    • The Accompaniment for classes of violin, flute and vocals is mandatory upon completion of the first semester in our school. For students taking the exams RIAM current number of classes of accompaniment is the minimum required for admission to the examination. There is an option to buy additional classes. Each of accompaniment class is not included in the course price and cost additional €30 (per one 30 minutes class) or €120 per semester.
    • Pass Internal Music Theory Exam with marks 80+
    • Purchase correct books as required by Royal Irish Academy of Music examination board. All titles required are available in RIAM yearly bulletin available in our school’s office.  Books can be also ordered by Fermata School of Music on your request. Most of the books that are required for student attending to RIAM exam are available in Waltons and Opus II music stores. All other exercise materials like scales or arpeggios are supplied by our school during the individual courses. In case of any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at any time.
    • Inform school’s office if student has any medical condition, so we can notice the examination board.

    Please note failing on any of above points gives Fermata School of Music the right to not accept student for next examination session held by RIAM or ABRSM.


    5.1 Family Discounts - A family rate of €20.00 per child applies in the case of 3 or more members of the same family attending lessons on a continued regular basis. The third child must first have completed the 8 week introductory course. A rate of 20.00 applies in the case of a 2nd individual from the same family. There are no discounts for group classes. Discounts do not apply to the accompaniment classes, group lessons, music theory  or summer/seasonal courses. Family discounts are applied to second and subsequent course only.

    5.2 Participating Business Discount – all customer being referred to Fermata School of Music from any of participating businesses in are charge €20 per class attended. Please note that discount will apply to 1st course only and is valid as long as customer is member of participating business and buying service from participating businesses. Please note this discount is subject to verification with the business referred to.

    5.3 Special Offers - discounts coming from sources like Vouchers, Facebook, Special Offers and others cannot be conjunct with any other discounts and can only apply for new applicants only (unless stated differently). Such discount is applied to overall price of selected course.

    5.4 Fermata School of Music reserves the right to refuse in applying any of above discounts without giving any reason or explanation to the customer applying.

    5.5 None of above discounts applies to Group Lessons, Music Theory or Accompaniment Class course which are paid full rate.


    6.1 Fermata School of Music Lucan reserves the right to cancel any group course, summer camps and seasonal courses because of insufficient enrolment levels. In such a case, all tuition fees and deposits will be refunded.

    6.2 Fermata School of Music Lucan reserves the right to cancel any 1-to-1 class in case of Internal Regulations, Code & Behaviour Policies breach, non-payment for more than 1 class, frequent non attendance – in such circumstance in writing notice will be given to the applicant or parent.

    6.3 In case of serious breach of Internal Rules or Code of Behaviour we will not issue any refund.

    6.4 Fermata School of Music Lucan reserves the right to dismiss any student for frequent absences, disciplinary reasons, not following our policies or code of behaviour, overdue tuition payment. Dismissed students are not entitled to any refund of tuition fees.


    7.1 Punctuality and attendance is key element of our music school routine. As result of large demand for music classes in Fermata School of Music and busy weekly schedule for all our teachers we advise that any late attendance may result in shorter lesson, e.g. 10 minutes delay will result in 10 minutes shorter lesson. Please arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of your planned class time to avoid any unnecessary disruption. If your lesson start time is delayed by teacher we will still make sure you will get the full length of your class.

    7.2 The time allocated to each student at the start of each term will last for the length of the term (18 weeks) and cannot be changed. In the circumstances where student cannot continue music class on the allocated time we will try to relocate the student to more suitable slot but we cannot guarantee to maintain teacher or day.

    7.3 Should student wish to change the time or day that can be requested via change request on start of every term. We reserve the right to decline the request where teacher is not available on revised time.

    7.4 During previous Academic Years it was highlighted to the management that on number of occasions students were arriving to the class unprepared and without any previous exercises and music sheets given to them by teacher. We understand this  can happen from time to time to every one of us it is very important to keep all music sheets and exercises given in one folder, so that both You as parents/student and teacher are having full traceability of what was done during the term. Extra emphasis is being made to all of students that are approaching RIAM/ABRSM exams. Most of you are having it already but as a matter of gentle reminder a typical student pack should consist:  Folder with clearly labelled name, Music Manuscript Book, Any Previous Music Sheets and Exercises given by teacher.

    7.5 Payment must be made for all lessons/classes, whether taken or missed. Make-up lessons/classes will not be given in the case of student absence. As a courtesy to the teacher, we ask that the school office be notified if a student is to be absent. 

    7.6 If the teacher is unable to give a lesson/class, the student may be given the option of taking a make-up lesson with the student’s own teacher or taking the lesson with a substitute teacher. There is no availability to transfer any reminded classes from one semester to the other. Our school do not refund for classes that were not taken in certain semester. 

    7.7 Lessons falling on bank holidays  or  planned closures such  as  3rd December 2016,  17th March 2017,  18th March 2017,  1st May 2017 , and 5th June 2017 will be rescheduled  for the spare week commencing on Monday 26th of June 2017  with exact  schedule  to be announced in due course.

    7.8 If student or parent report to the school’s office a planned absence for at least one month ahead of scheduled class we will try to accommodate a replacement class with existing teacher. We reserve the right to pick the time suitable for teacher. We cannot offer a class with different teacher/subject. In case if teacher is fully booked and unavailable the class is deemed missed and there are no refunds due to student/parent.


    8.1 The notice of termination applies to all classes/courses (whether 1-to-1, group lessons or summer camps) and requests must be made in writing, addressed to the school office. Verbal notice from students, parents or faculty cannot be accepted.  

    8.2 In case of 'pay by semester' class there are no refunds after completion of first three classes of the semester.  In case of other courses and seasonal camps we maintain strict no refunds policy.

    8.3 Fermata School of Music Lucan reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect due to payment arrears (non payment for more than 1 class), not following Code of Behaviour or breaking Internal Regulations.

    8.4 Security deposit paid to secure place in the oncoming term is non-refundable in any case where withdrawal is served less than three weeks before start of the term in application


    9.1 From time to time we record movies or take photographs of students from lessons, performances, concerts as for possible  use on our website or to share them across Social Media channel such as Facebook, You Tube or Google +, Twitter or Blog

    9.2 No compensation is provided to individuals who appear in the photographs.

    9.3 Please let us know immediately if you do not wish your or your children photograph to appear through any of mentioned above media channels

  • Code Of Behavior in Fermata School of Music - Lucan, Co. Dublin

    All students, parents, and visitors are expected to be well-behaved, courteous and respectful to teachers, fellow students, staff and all others. Disrespectful or uncooperative behaviour or attitudes will not be accepted from anyone.

    Any student or parent displaying any of these behaviours may be asked to consider if they wish to continue with Fermata School of Music.
    In order to provide best possible music experience, the following behaviour will not be allowed:

    • Disrespectful behaviour towards the instructor or anyone else

    • Disruptive behaviour such as excessive talking, crude talking  (including any language not appropriate or PG rated), racist language

    • Rough-housing, running or horseplay

    • Destruction of property

    • Speaking negatively about one another, an instructor staff member or anyone else

    • Comparing abilities or ridiculing anothers abilities

    • Harassment or intimidation of any kind, including bullying

    • Pushing, shoving or fighting of any kind

    • Not respecting other students space.

    All students are expected to behave in a way that demonstrates self-respect and a desire to learn.

    If a student displays any behaviour that is deemed inappropriate or disruptive, that student may be asked to leave the class and sit down for few moments in the reception or until they are ready to return to class with appropriate behaviour. 

    If a student or parents acts inappropriately in regard to our  guidelines of behaviour they will be given verbal warning on the first offense, and written warning on the second, and one the third occurrence we will ask student to leave the school. No refund will be given if case of that scenario. For serious offences, the first two steps may be skipped.

    These rules are applicable to all areas in the studio, including reception, toilets and parking area.

    In the reception area any parent or guardian overheard to be disregarding the standards of behaviour will be held to the same consequences outline above. We take bullying very seriously and it will be not tolerated. Please be cognizant of your speech.

    These are the rules of Fermata Music School and we are firm on them in order to continue a supportive family environment. Claiming ignorance as an excuse in regards to our rules in inexcusable. All students and parents will be held to the same standards.