• Accompaniment Class

  • What is the Accompaniment Class with Fermata School of Music in Lucan? This not very friendly music term represents and instrumental class with accompany of qualified pianist. Most often a pianist is required to accompany student who is attending exam, audition or is performing at the seasonal recital. Fermata School of Music Lucan offers discounted rates to our student when they play with pianist, e.g. when they wish to have Accompaniment Class. Playing on most of string and woodwind instruments, or singing would require to perform with pianist at some stage of the development. Our music school offers to hire the pianist not only only for our own students but also for external events, such as performances at the Junior or Leaving Certs. All our prices are very affordable and are all-in-one packages, including at least one rehearsal before the final performance. For more details contact Fermata School of Music Lucan office at phone no. 01 621 8673

  • Accompaniment Know How

    AVAILABILITY: Saturday or Sunday


    30 Minutes Class (Students): €30

    30 Minutes Class (Non-Students): €45

    EXTERNAL EXAM/AUDITION (Hire The Pianist):

    Exam Plus One Rehearsal  - €120

    Exam Plus Two Rehearsals - €160

    Each Additional Rehearsal - €45

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